Hello Spring!

I’ve been seeing beautiful pictures of spring all over the Internet for almost two months now.  In my neck of the woods, winter lasts from late October through the end of April.  May is spring and June begins the summer season.  Sure enough, today it is decidedly spring-like, so I decided to work outdoors.  I’m working on a series of mixed media paintings (there’s a fourth painting, but it’s on its way to a publisher), and am loving working out in the sun!  The only drawback I’m finding is that the paint dries really, really fast.  That’s great on the canvas, not so great for all the paint I’ve poured on the palette.  Live and learn.  I think I’ll just take a little break and continue my work later this afternoon as the sun starts to set.  Ah, creative freedom!


Holding onto wonder

”  The success of a creative venture lives in the wondering, not in the outcome.  So long as we have breath, there is the possibility – the inevitability -  that we will create again.  There is no such thing as a make-or-break outcome to creating.”   Molly Gordon


10 Things you should know about me…

  1. I took this photo because I had just had my hair done and it looked AWESOME.  I am un-apologetic.
  2. I have a Master’s Degree in English, yet struggle to spell the easiest word.  The other day I tried to spell the word “went” “whent”. Seriously???
  3. I was a cheerleader in high school. That explains a lot.
  4. I’m too cheap to get a pedicure, yet am willing to pay hundreds of dollars (which I don’t have), on a handbag.  Rationale:  The handbag lasts much longer.
  5. I have much better things to do than cook.  Like sit on my ass and read a book.  My fiance will verify this.  He frequently goes to bed hungry.
  6. I have broken almost every good wineglass I own.  I swear it has nothing to do with the wine…
  7. I consider walking to the mailbox at the end of my driveway a verifiable exercise.  It’s walking, isn’t it?
  8. It makes me a little crazy when people say, ” I should have went.” I warned you I’m an English major.
  9. I read so much that I can’t remember the plot line of the last book that I read, or that I own the book, which explains all the duplicates on my bookshelf.  They looked interesting at the time.
  10. I don’t get social media.  Who cares what I’m doing every moment of time?  I don’t.

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Having fun with your journal

For many of us, the journalling process feels a little bit stiff, a little too Important.  Often a chore we feel me must do.  Bah, I say.  Make it fun!  Last August, my honey and I purchased our home and began a month long process of intense renovation.  I knew I wouldn’t have the time or energy for regular journalling, so I made myself a little calendar, colored in the days with marker, and recorded little snippets of my day.  Simple things like, “Put first coat of paint on the living room”, and “New furniture delivered today.”  Nothing terribly exciting, but my days were recorded and they are fun and interesting to look back on now.  On the few days that we took off from packing, cleaning and renovating, I recorded our days with photos.  We enjoyed a warm summer day at the pool, a hike up Prospect Mountain, we took our dog to the park.  It’s all there, my whole month recorded, a month-at-a-glance.

Another thing I like to do in my journal is record my real life in bits and pieces.  On this page I’ve recorded things like “What I’m watching”, “What I’m cooking”, ” What I’m reading”, and “What I’m making”.  You get the picture.  Again, nothing profound, and yet it’s another fun way for me to look back and say, “Ah, THAT’S what I did that month.”

This page (or spread) was begun on New Year’s Day 2013.  I made a grid, colored the sections in with different colored markers, then listed the best memories I had of 2012, wrote about how we spent New Year’s Eve, and reserved the rest of the boxes for journalling about the various thoughts and struggles I had throughout the month (January is ALWAYS a tough month for me.  I struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder).  Even though the words on this page aren’t all fun and cheery, the colors make me happy and it is interesting for me to read.

So you see, journals don’t have to be boring.  They don’t have to be profound.  The most important aspect of a journal is that it’s YOU.


Journalling, Oh How I Love You!

I have kept a journal almost all of my life, mainly in fits and starts.  A month ago I revisited this practice by taking Susannah Conway’s Journal Your Life class.  Now, it’s no secret that I am a HUGE Susannah fan — that girl has a gift for sharing and teaching.  Diving back into a daily writing practice has been both a joy and a challenge, but oh so enriching!  In just a few weeks I have gained clarity about my life’s purpose and am journeying down the path I was meant to follow.  I know this all sounds Profound and Grand, but it’s all been done in tiny snippets.  A captured moment of my day, a note here, a list there.  It’s all in my journal and those little pieces, those snippets, are coming together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.  I’m starting to figure stuff out, to plan, to take action.  It’s simply amazing.

In addition to our written journals, Susannah has had us keep a Creative Dream Journal (in the green binder to the upper right).  This is our visual journal for our daydreams, night dreams, life dreams (insert anything-you-want-it-to-be-dreams here).  Think vision boards and mind maps, a place to figure stuff out visually when the words just aren’t there.  It makes this cut-and-paste girl really happy!

So what about you?  How do you journal?  How do you record all the little snippets of YOUR life?  I’d love to know!